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Buy Etizolam 1mg

Buy Etizolam 1mg on rxgenuine approved for the management of anxiety disorders associated with depression, panic disorder and insomnia in some countries.

How to Buy Etizolam 1mg pills online

Etilaam, Etizest, Etizola, Sedekopan, Depas, Pasaden.



Route of administration:

Etizolam is generally consumed orally, by swallowing tablets or powder placed into gel capsules.8 It can also be taken sublingually (under the tongue).


Etizolam typically comes in 1mg and 2mg tablets which are often described by online vendors as ‘pellets’. Its appearance can vary depending on the source of purchase: tablets can be blue, pink or white and more increasingly may be sold as ‘street Valium’ and therefore can appear as light blue tablets with commonly-seen Valium markings. When sold as etizolam, it can be found in a foil strip packet with the brand name on the foil such as Etilaam or Etizest.

There are other tablets in circulation which are lighter blue (similar to blue diazepam colour) and can display the markings EZ. Tablets from other vendors may simply come as unmarked
blue, pink or white pills that come loose in a zip-seal plastic bag. It is also possible to purchase in powder form, which is often white. Anecdotal reports suggest that it is rare for users to purchase the powder form in the UK.

Dosage after Buy Etizolam 1mg

  1. Anxiety disorder 0.25-0.5mg twice daily
  2. Panic disorder 0.5mg twice daily
  3. Insomnia 1-2mg daily
  4. Maximum daily dosage 3mg

Current guidance for prescribing benzodiazepines is that they should not be prescribed beyond two weeks to prevent dependence.27 A gradual taper strategy when stopping etizolam is also recommended to ease any withdrawal effects. There is limited data on etizolam toxicity in the literature.

Recreational oral dose:

  • Light 0.5mg
  • Common  1-2mg
  • Strong 3-4mg
  • Heavy   5mg+

Onset, duration and after effects: Oral doses have an onset of 30-60 minutes and
peak at 3-4 hours. The duration is generally 6-8 hours although higher doses can last
longer. Usual after effects are between 1-5 hours although many users report little
after effects, especially if they have had a 7-8 hour period of uninterrupted sleep
after use.



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